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Breeding Gouldians in Sydney and Colder Climates

I got a question via email the other day:

Hello. I am enquiring about purchasing some gouldian finches but have been informed that it is too cold to keep/breed them in an outdoor aviary in Sydney. I would appreciate your opinion. Thank you.

My first thought was to say try it and see. But this may not be the best answer, as disaster could follow.

If I was going to offer advice, as I live here on the North Coast of New South Wales, it is a bit hard to say what would be good for finches kept in Sydney.

I started my finch keeping in Sydney, keeping Western Australian Longtail Finches and Masked Finches in an outside aviary, but never Gouldian Finches.

I know for a fact that there are breeders in Sydney that keep and breed Gouldians successfully, but I am not as sure about the types of housing that these bird breeders use.

The best advice that I could give is to contact the local bird society or finch club and talk to the breeders that live in your local area.

By talking to members of bird clubs, you find out who the successful breeders are, and you can visit them and see how they do it. They will give you the tried and tested knowledge that I can only give to breeders in my local area.

There is nothing like visiting successful breeders and looking at what they have built and listening to what they have done to become successful a breeder.

Good Luck, and Let us know what you find out.

2 Responses to “Breeding Gouldians in Sydney and Colder Climates”

  1. ron Says:

    Just read your story about if you can keep gouldians in an aviary in Sydney. Could you give me your opinion of doing this correctly as I live on the central coast near wyong. This is about half way between Sydney and Newcastle. Also is there anyone you know or a bird club here that may be able to help me. Regards Ron

  2. artie_gc Says:

    I live at the bottom of the Blue Mountains and it does get very cold here…but.. i have found that my gouldians are quite content.

    I have a 3m long x 2.5m wide outdoor avairy that has my finches in it. i have found that they dont go well with the cold, sadly through trial and my error, i have lost a couple of them.

    But i now have found a way around the cold. i have placed clear lazorlite over 3/4 of the mesh and it allows sunshine in as well as keeps the whole avairy warm all day and into the night. it has been such a sucess that i have 5 nests going and my finches love to sit directly in the sunlight and not have any cold winds or drafts. i have left the other 1/4 open cause they do need to breathe and it gives them fresh air and allows heat to waft out so as not to cook them.

    i am no expert but i seem to have had sucess with this. i also recomend contacting your local finch society they have far more knowledge than me as i am only just starting out myself. good luck!

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