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Red Faced Parrot FInch

Seeding Grasses – Quick and easy bird nutrition

An easy way to boost the health of your finches is to feed them a diet full of fresh foods. Seeding grasses are very prevalent at this time of year and should be fed as often as possible to your birds. I am in the process of developing an area devoted to growing grasses, especially red pannicum and white french millet and will expand on this in a future article.

You can tell by the way the finches descend on the seed tray that they know the difference between fresh and dried seed.

Green panic is a another fantastic green seed to grow and will set seed from August/September to May. However, from February to May in the wet humid weather it develops 2-3mm diameter fungal spores on the seed heads. I don’t know if this is harmful to the birds, so I am reluctant to feed it. I have seen this on the seed heads from here, at Broken Head, all the way out to the other side of Brisbane.

Any knowledgeable information anyone may have would be gratefully appreciated as I have not researched it at all. Please leave a comment below if you can help, or know of any other fresh seed alternatives.

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