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New Season Rebrushing Complete

I have finally finished rebrushing the aviaries for the upcoming Autumn

It is amazing how quickly the finches respond to the fresh brush and nesting material

Quite a few nests have already been built, and birds are sitting. The first aviaries that I did several weeks ago have birds already feeding young.

Its a good time now as the hot weather should be just about behind us and here at Broken Head, we have quite a mild winter. Rarely do the aviary temperatures fall below 10 degrees C.

All looks good for the breeding season, which will go right through to the end of Spring.

I have given an explanation of what I have done in my article on Aviary Rebrushing.

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    Hi Ken,
    All my finches have settled in well and now just waiting for them to look for a nesting site. The brushing I have done is similar to your method, but I havent got any of the paperbark. I see pigeons and other birds nesting in the tree I have used. Will they use other brush or just the paperbark? Not sure how long it will take for them to start. Am I just being a bit impatient, because its been about a month. Ive read that it could take longer for them to settle in. I think Im doing everything else right. Feedback would be nice

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