Latest Birds For Sale

Latest Birds for Sale

Diamond Finch

Red Faced Parrot FInch

Photos of Finches

It has been a little busy around here lately, but I am finally getting around to working on the site a little more. The winter is starting to die out a little (although today is rainy and cold) and aviaries need to be cleaned out and prepared for the coming breeding season.

Anyway, as things warm up and the birds look a little better, I will be taking a lot more photos for the website. The birds for sale section is a little light on at the moment, but with a bit of work with my camera in the studio you should get a better idea of the birds I have for sale.

Just thought that I would tell you about the editing software that I use. I have Adobe Photoshop, but it is quite expensive and not for everybody. In fact it is my sons, as he uses it for his web design work. But I am looking at Google Picasa at the moment, which you can find from the link below. It is free, and a small download, so it should do what you want to get the photos trimmed up for the web. I will look in to it more and give you a review.

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