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Breeders of Australian and Foreign finches. We aim to breed and display the highest quality finches available on the Australian market.

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We have birds available for sale, all from the same blood lines as the birds in the pictures and videos on our site.

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We love what we do, and do our best to share our knowledge. Have a look through our blog for information on how to get the best results in your aviaries.

About Broken Head Aviaries

I have kept finches for over 30 years but seriously since 1984 when I moved to Broken Head, NSW.

I am a finch breeder and that’s all I keep. I always try to improve whatever species I choose to breed because this is what I believe all true bird breeders should aspire to do.

Our Birds for Sale.

The Broken Head Aviaries Website will also give you an opportunity to view photos of the actual birds for sale, and purchase based on those pictures.

See some of our birds below, or visit our birds page for more info.

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Do you have a bird or finch breeding question you would like us to answer? Send it in and we will do our best to answer.

Crimson Finch Photos

I have had a good season with the crimson finches and bred some really nice birds. I took some time out during the week to take a few photos. I hope you like the photos of some of the young. Breeding Crimson Finches has been a successful process, so I will follow this...

Testing Seed For Germination

The bird seed growing areas in eastern Australia have been badly affected by drought for the past two years. Stocks of seed are low and good quality seed is hard to get. Always test your seed when you purchase it to determine the germination percentage. Old seed of...

Sprouting Seed For Siskins

This time of year the siskins both red and yellow are well into the breeding season and sprouting seed is an important part of the diet especially when feeding young. I use a mix of 40% grey striped sunflower, 40% safflower and 20% niger. These 3 seeds sprout at the...