About Broken Head Aviaries

I have kept finches for over 30 years but seriously since 1984 when I moved to Broken Head, NSW.

I am a finch breeder and that’s all I keep. I always try to improve whatever species I choose to breed because this is what I believe all true bird breeders should aspire to do.

About the Articles

The articles on this site are derived from my bird breeding experiences and the knowledge I have gained from other breeders and bird keepers both past and present. These articles are my opinions based on what I feel is the best way to maintain a healthy collection of finches. What I write about here is what I put into practice at present, and not just what I have heard works well for other people.

About the Birds

It gives me a lot of satisfaction and is very personally rewarding when each day I can cast my eye over the collection and say to myself “That’s a nice bird; that’s a nice pair; that’s a nice lot of young birds”.

This is not going to be the way with all the birds you breed, but if you can truthfully say this to yourself often, you are on the right track to achieving what you have set out to do and to feeling this sense of satisfaction.