Blue Headed Cordon Bleu (Blue Caps)

The blue headed cordon bleu known mainly as the blue cap is one of the most beautiful and eye catching finches you can have in any collection.

They are quite hardy to keep but not easily bred as they do like their own space and do not like overcrowding. To keep blue caps in a mixed collection for their beauty alone is no problem but to get them to breed they do like a little less company.

I find that the blue caps breed well with tri coloured parrot finches and yellow wing pytilias. These three species are all beautiful in their own right but are not in competition with each other in regards to nesting space, live food and any other food they are given.

The blue caps are one of the easiest birds to sex. The cock bird is quite obviously a beautiful blue colour, the blue extending over the top of the head and the female has a duller less extensive blue with beige brown feathers through the crown of her head

Current blue capped finches for sale.

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  • Unrelated young Pairs
  • Fully Coloured
  • All blue cap pairs come from a large range of bloodlines.

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