Star Finch

I have always kept star finches as part of my general collection. These are definitely one of my favourite species of finches and I have always tried to maintain good strains of quality birds.

I have kept the red stars continually from 1982 when I lived at my first house in Lennox Head right up until now at Broken Head. Since those early days I have not introduced any normals, only one yellow fawn cock bird and two red fawn hens. I keep normal and fawn in both red and yellow head colours.

Current Star finches for sale.

Currently, there are no photos of star finches for sale. We will update the page with new stock soon.

However, there is stock available for purchase, mostly from the same bloodlines as the star finch photos above. Please contact us to register your interest in buying star finches.

For other enquiries about these or other varieties of finches, please contact us.