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Finch Health – Watch out for worms

The cooler months are probably the most productive time for most finch-keepers. It is the time of year that all the Australian finches and most of the foreign finches will enter their peak breeding time.  Bird health is essential. Birds should be free of internal parasites and maintained this, so make sure your bird worming and health programme is on track.

If birds have worms, and tapeworms are very prevalent in finches, then birds can go into the winter in poor condition.  Also coccidiosis can be a problem especially with young birds in wet conditions.  In the warmer months your birds may look well but they still could have underlying problems.  It is best to sort it out sooner than later.

I cannot give vet advice but birdkeepers should consider making contact with a vet.  The vet I deal with is Rob Marshall at  I have found his products very good and have used them for many years.

The bottom line is, take care to ensure your finches are in the best health possible and you will minimise losses and maximise breeding potential.

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